IMVU credit generator

07/21/2015 17:58

IMVU credit generator - A Safe Cheat Engine for Your IMVU Account

IMVU users must have known the fun of using this awesome instant messenger (IM) client. It is not just an ordinary IM service that allows people to chat from all over the world. This fun communication service combined chat platform with virtual life where users can do various things and play games with one another.

Like what other virtual life game offers, IMVU users are also able to make their character looks pretty or cool. IMVU store offers many different clothing, accessories, and even hairstyles for users to choose. With all of these features, IMVU has attracted hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world to experience things that they might not be able to experience in real life.

While venturing in IMVU world sounds really fun and addicting, it can actually make your wallet cry as well. The chat platform does utilize their own virtual money, IMVU credits, for users to do transactions such as buying new clothes. However, getting the credits involves real money from real life. In order to get the credits, users have to buy it from IMVU’s website, or get it from gift cards that can be bought in department stores.

If you are an active IMVU user that is never satisfied with your character’s appearance, spending money for the fashion is going to cost you a lot. Because of that, you should try using IMVU credit generator to have more fun in the virtual world without having to burn your money out.

As a cheat program, IMVU credit generator allows you to get IMVU credits without any cash. It sounds so amazing, but is it safe? You often hear about fake cheat engines that hack users’ accounts instead of enhancing it and destroying their online reputation because it spreads scams to other users. IMVU credit generator guarantees that it does not ask for your account’s password.

What it takes to use this service is only your username. Once you input it, you can choose between 5k to 40k IMVU credits to be added to your account. To ensure you that this service is credible, it does not allow you to take more than 40,000 credits per day.

IMVU Credit Hack

06/01/2014 16:45

Using IMVU Credit Hack to Enhance Your Gaming    

IMVU is the best life simulator game available on the internet. There are many reasons why it can be regarded that way. IMVU is actually based on instant messaging, but rather than talking in chat bubbles, users converse as a virtual character in a virtual world. Because of that, this game is not just awesome, but also encourages its users to socialize with other people.

More amazingly, the conversation between characters in this game does not depend on a board with letters, numbers, and words in it, but it relies on cozy and cool three dimensional chat rooms that resemble so many places that will take your imagination miles away.

Another great feature of IMVU comes from its characters. While many other life simulation games do not enable their users to change the virtual character’s look occasionally, IMVU welcomes its users to choose and wear all items that are available in the store. The customizable aspects of the character include tops, shirts, pants, dresses, and many more.

Users are even able to try different chat rooms that mostly resemble different parts of nature. Although all of these features are amazing and seems to be able to always entertain you for its fresh look, they are not free and have to be paid with IMVU credits that are rather difficult to be earned. Users are urged to buy those credits because it is a part of the game’s marketing strategy to earn money.

That fact is IMVU’s biggest drawback that burns its users’ money away like cigarettes. However, IMVU credit hack application is now available to defeat the injustice upon the virtual money that is employed in the game’s transactions. Since looking for it in the game may takes too long with a very slow paced, IMVU credit hack is ready to provide you free IMVU credits every day.

All it takes to give this cheat engine is your IMVU username, and after that you can choose to take 5,000 to 40,000 free credits in 24 hours. With IMVU credit hack in the hands of the player, their playing experiment will be more enjoyable than before.